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The experience

Let's be clear, we export our know-how and experience as manufacturers and fitters of tracks of padel in answer to a simple observation after more than 400 tracks made in Spain, where the padel is in expansion for more than 15 years.

Formerly the manufacturers were offering its facilities at the right price but as a consequence of the big competition on the Spanish Market the quality and the services have clearly reduced.

Observation : the quality it's not the priority, the built tracks 3 years ago are already much degraded due to the low quality of the materials used.

Guaranteed durability

For Okiba Sport, it's clear, we choose to construct tracks of padel whose durability is guaranteed.

We invite you to choose the difference, to understand the benefits that you have by choosing to construct its tracks in high quality.

The padel in France knows now the same growth that in Spain, you can get profit of our experience on this market, of our technical advises, of our advice to help him to assure the success of your sporting exploitation.

Our commitment, the success of your project.

The Okiba Sport’s pillars


The quality of our products and services, it’s our company’s meaning, our engine at your service. Choose the difference, dare the high quality.


The durability of our padel courts is assured thanks to high resistance’s materials and our ideal procedures of manufacture. We propose the best guarantees, offering a long-term investment.


We construct and install every padel court with the same rigor, conscious of the value of your project. We share the same passion for the sport.

Okiba Sport

A strong and passionate team puts its expertise at your service.

David VidalOKIBA SPORT’s Founder and Director

David Vidal

OKIBA SPORT’s Founder and Director

David founded OKIBA more than 15 years ago in Barcelona. Visionary and enterprising businessman, he puts interest in the new procedures of padel court’s manufacture. He decides to propose only high quality in answer to a market simple observation, and then he puts the whole know-how of its team at your disposal.

Manel RuizThe technical director

Manel Ruiz

The technical director

At Okiba, Manel is the technical engineer responsible for all our current and future operations. Its formation related to the architecture and the management of the procedures of construction, and its experience like project chief make him a real technical expert.

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Send us your needs to us to be able to realize a personalized study of your project. Our team of professionals will attend on all your technical.



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