A long-term investment

Want to build sports courts but you need to preserve your cash?

Did you think about financing your leasing equipment?

Leasing, how does it work?

Our pfinancial partner buys the construction service and the sports facility; you rent it for a fixed period. At the end of the leasing contract, you can purchase your sports facility at the pre-determined price and pay only the residual amount.


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The advantages?

  • Availability of your treasury: you can devote your working capital to what really counts, your business!
  • Funding Facility: Fewer guarantees will be required to start your project.
  • Flexibility: Your monthly payments are adjusted according to the profitability of your operation (linear, progressive or decreasing rents). Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual deadlines.
  • Optimized taxation: Leasing has no effect on your balance sheet and balance sheet ratios. Lease rents are 100% deductible as fees!