Quality guaranted

The difference of the padel courts we build is in each of the pieces that constitute them.

  • Each mast is made of steel of quality S-235 JR, hot-dip galvanized and thermolacquered of 6 meters of height and the section of profile of 100x60x3mm. They are directly attached to the metal structure of the fence. The headlamps are waterproof for the exterior (2 units fixed to the top of each mast). The type of lighting may vary depending on the desired performance (depending on whether it is competition courts).
  • 1x2m electro-welded mesh frames placed on the glass installation. All mesh frames contain a top and anti-injury protection system. All meshes are steel - welded electro. Dimension of the mesh: 50x50x4mm.
  • The glazed parts are made of float glass and tempered with all edges polished, 12mm thick. Once placed they are perfectly adjusted with the metal structure for a perfect final planimetry. Each piece has 4 or 6 countersunk and polished holes to allow them to be fastened with stainless steel screws. All glass-to-metal joints include a spacer element to prevent breakage and absorb movement, impact and expansion. All the screws carry PVC cones separators with glass and there are joints of neoprene in the union of the glass with the metallic frames.
  • All the pillars have reinforcement at the base offering them greater resistance. These are triangular rounded gussets 50cm high and 15cm base.
  • The fastening plates of the netting system are made of S-235 JR steel, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated. All the nuts and bolts are made of A2 minimum stainless steel.
  • Synthetic turf mono-filament o fibrillated 100% polypropylene fibers treated anti-UV, with a height between 10 and 23mm, 3 choices of colors. All our FieldTurf partner's innovative synthetic products have proved their performance and surpassed existing competitor systems on the market. The installation is strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Bonding is limited to joints (2-component polyurethane glue) with bridging strips.