Manufacture and Installation

Production process

Our manufactures processes are ideal for the total material’s protection from corrosion and to assure your padel’s court durability.

The soundness of an installation is principally guaranteed by its metallic structure, the manufacture stages are:

  • This process includes the preparation and material cutting into bars or meshes and its later assembly by means of the achievement of the weldings. Then pieces are polished to prepare them for the following treatment.
  • Cleaning to eliminate possible layers of matter that were on the metallic surface by chemical treatment. The fluxing is realized by a watery solution of zinc chloride and of ammonium chloride taken to 60°C. It’s allows to prevent the steel from re-oxidizing during the time previous at the entry to the bath of zinc and iron / zinc favors the metallurgical reaction at the immersion moment of the piece in the zinc bath providing to the galvanized part of a better grip to the surface.

  • The galvanization in warm consists of covering and of combining steel with zinc immersing the pieces in a zinc bath in merger to 450 °C. The new zinc revetment gets together chemically to the base steel. When there moves back the steel of the bath of zinc, already several layers of alloys zinc - iron have formed in its surface. These inter-metallic compounds award to the revetment a perfect adhesion and an exceptional resistance to the shocks and to the graze. An important additional advantage is that inaccessible parts of the piece (hollows) remain also protected against corrosion. The treatment is in accordance with the norm ISO 1461.




  • To achieve a better adhesion, we prepare the surfaces eliminating superficial oils and fats. Next, we apply the electrostatic powder coating, ideal for obtaining greater hardness and resistance, the process is finished placing the pieces to oven at a temperature and a specific time for the polymerization, leaving the surface smooth and uniform for a better quality.
The hot-dip galvanization is a metallurgy industry skill that is used to protect against the corrosion a steel piece with the help of zinc. This procedure gives to the protective revetment more adhesion, impermeability and mechanical resistance.

7 reasons to galvanize!

1 - Very long life
A 100 micron coating can last 12 to 25 years in an extremely corrosive environment.

2 - Zero Maintenance
The galvanized coatings require no maintenance.

3 - Economic
A medium and long term, the lack of maintenance.  

4 – Reliable
Hot galvanization is controlled and determined by ASTM A123 and ASTM A153.

5 - Resistant
The galvanized coating is very shock and scratch resistant because the zinc is alloyed with the base metal.

6 – Resists the worst weather conditions
The galvanized structures can be installed regardless of weather conditions.

7 – Environmentally friendly  
The zinc coating is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Installation process

Our team of engineers moves to the area where you want to construct your padel track to analyze previously the viability of your project, checking over the conformity of the conditions of the French Federation of Tennis.

  • The studied factors are: Basic levels control General measurements Cleanliness and the works of excavation necessary for the construction Access for of materials and of machines for the construction phase Water and electricity connections are also studied Request a free budget for your feasibility study.
  • Brush clearing, cleaning, delimitation and signaling of the work area, as well as material and waste supply areas. Preparation of existing land by excavation or dismantling of existing facilities. All wastes removed are transported to authorized waste managers. After excavation of the perimeter sills, the land is revised, graded and compacted.
  • Construction of the perimeter wall in reinforced concrete required for the support of the metal structure which constitutes the padel court, thus the sub-base and the formation of the porous concrete slab with its corresponding expansion joints. This slab allows water filtration to the ground and its rapid drainage, and its planimetry must be specially monitored. Drainages and steps required for electrical installation. All this work is carried out with fully approved and regulated equipment.  
  • Installation of the body of the court with a metal perimeter structure composed of pillars, structural tube and frames of electro-welded mesh.
    Installation of posts with braces to support luminaries, doors and poles for the network with an occult caraque.
    All the metallic material used is guaranteed for more than 10 years against corrosion thanks to its pre-treatment of hot galvanized and Epoxy paint.
    Installation of tempering closure lenses (12mm) with stainless steel screws, neoprene strips, cones and PVC caps.
    Installation of the artificial turf with its corresponding lines and ballasting with silica sand.
    The net is installed according to regulations.
    The lighting of the court can be achieved by LED fireplaces or halogens, depending on the requirements.

  • At the end of the installation, the data sheets are handed over to the property, along with quality and installation certificates, hardware warranties and maintenance recommendations.