Padel’s installations at the level of your expectations

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Okiba Pro

Okiba Premium

Let's build a New Sports Area

Optimum manufacture procedures


Props, frames and anchoring hot-dip galvanized steel, high resistance and treatment anti-corrosion. Certificate of guarantee superior to 10 years. 


Resin Epoxi polyester to the oven, which offers a big resistance to the beams UV and to the moisture applied in powder and warm treated. Color options. 15 years guarantee Certificate.

Top quality material

Bolting screws

Fixation and bolting screws in stainless steel. Riveting and built-in nuts.
High resistance.


Projectors of 400W with lamp LED metallic Lumiled.


Synthetic lawn fibriled or monofilament. Colors to be chosen.

The Okiba Sport’s pillars


LThe quality of our products and services, it’s our company’s meaning, our engine at your service. Choose the difference, dare the high quality.


The durability of our padel courts is assured thanks to high resistance’s materials and our ideal procedures of manufacture. We propose the best guarantees, offering a long-term investment.


We construct and install every padel court with the same rigor, conscious of the value of your project. We share the same passion for the sport.